05 March 2013

Art I like - the porcelain "textiles" of Recheng Tsang

Ovals, 2012, 53" x 93"

Study for Ovals

Californian sculptor Recheng Tsang's porcelain wall pieces consist of many individual elements, their unified shapes and sparse colouring making them interesting yet still serene.

Found via kathrynclark.blogspot.co.uk; read an interview with the artist here. Tsang realised, after graduate studies in Chinese literature, that she missed working with her hands. Studying ceramics intensively in Tokyo, she realised there didn't have to be a line between art and craft. Her work is influenced by textiles, botanical pieces, and chinese literature. "I like the idea of taking things that are small and seeing how they can give presence to a particular space."

" I like working in natural. Why? There are lots of subtleties in white that requires a viewer’s attention. Color is distracting sometimes. Simplicity brings out the form better. But I also love the different surfaces of the glaze. How I reconcile that is that I work monochromatically. I work with one color scheme at a time. I think a lot of my work in terms of longevity. Each time I look at it, I discover something new."

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