25 March 2013

Binders' Keepers*

A development of the sewing kits, the Binders' Keepers hold bookbinding tools - bone folder, scalpel, needles, linen thread, pencil, etc. They differ from the sewing kits in having less pincushion space (just the one wool pocket), a longer stretch of small pockets, and a fabric flap that holds tools in place. Also. to accommodate scissors and a 6" metal ruler, they are 7" high.

Here is Mark One under development - getting the spacing for the pockets -
This is Mark Two -
Choosing the fabrics is the fun part, so I just kept going - here's the total output so far (they still need fasteners) -

The thing that still needs refining is the pocket for the scissors - so that the points don't jab through the cloth. I've tried leather and a heavy nylon mesh, and realised that although scissors are quite a big tool, the pointed bit is narrow, so the pocket could be narrow too. (Except that the handles might overlap other tools then.)

It will take another few attempts before all the little design wrinkles are ironed out. My plan is to use only fabrics I have on hand ... though I did succumb to a wool coat in a charity shop for fabric for the red pockets, and the red buttons came from that coat too.

*Thanks to Tony for the name.


Sandy said...

It 'is' a good name!
What will you be doing with them?

beatrice De said...

Very nice.

At school, when I was a kid, in the sewing class, I was always firth finish what has been impose. So, I could do what I please. I had done a sewing kit. Still see it, bleu and white embroidery. But where it is. Mystère ! Lost in numerous déménagements.

Few years later, I have done a tools kit. Sill see it, in lather with traps for decorator tools. This, I have forgotten in material shop, after having mounted the
window ! No one had seen it. Had been stolen.
No more courage to make new one.

But, your beautiful one might boost me. Who knows ¨

Dijanne Cevaal said...

HI margaret- you could still make the scissors pocket the same size but just sew some diagonal lines down the pocket to match the scissors- that way they won't overlap