09 March 2013

More knitted squares

... though I think you could use felted squares for this too ... or knit 'em big and then felt 'em ... or make them out of those old sweaters you've (I've) been saving for some project or other...
Melody Johnson says on her blog that these are often seen on knitting sites and in pattern books. Indeed I found instructions here and here, but haven't dug out any wool to start knitting. Melody wonders why anyone would want to sew the squares together, and has devised a pattern to knit them - as socks - all in one go.

I'm intrigued by the possibilities of squares (or rectangles) becoming sculptural objects. Consider the "humbug" -
humbug shapes from here
humbug bag from here


beatrice De said...

Well, something to keep beside. They are very nice.

Margareth, you have done paper recherche at university, did you look the artist I have put on my blog ? She editate a beautifull book you should love.

Kisses from Lausanne.

beatrice De said...

On ne peut pas s'abonner au blog que tu mentionnes ???