13 March 2013

Favourite sayings

I stitched some bon mots onto strips of silk almost a dozen years ago. Mainly couching, and it was fun to do, and maybe I'll go back to this some day, padding or stretching the fabric first.

The appetite grows by eating.
No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
What is unsought will be undetected.
Snatch the eternal from the desperately fleeting.

After this, I started stitching longer passages from various books onto dupion, but these haven't resurfaced yet. There is something very satisfying about stitching words - you really come to "own" them - and at the same time, they become abstract shapes, so your mind is moving between these two states, and when the work is done, you are released from the limbo.

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JAQUINTA said...

sewing and stitching......
is anyone going to the Spring Kniting and Stitching show at Olympia 2 and West Hall starts today until the 17th
£2 off coupon in last night's Evening Standard...