04 March 2013

Before sunset

Blue sky, fluffy clouds - glimpsed behind bare trees, between buildings, on the bus ride home (through the leafy private squares of Notting Hill). Can spring be on the way, at last?

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beatrice De said...

Le message s'est envolé, je dois recommencer. ZUT !

Ouah very nice expérince, lovely result.

margareth, if you like insects, go please again, to see work of Viviane Fontaine. Ther are 30 years she is making paper recherche. There are 30 years I am fan !

Another lady' work you mint love. I met her in Ste Marie aux Mines at a Ptchwork symposium. She is making knittins miniatures insectes. You almost need spectacle to see the details. INIMAGINABBLE !

The number of needles she use, does'nt existe in * normal * wool shops.

Saskia E.M.van Dijk


Love from Lausanne, Switzerland.