06 March 2013

Ceramics week 8

Only two classes left now... I'm well into making the "clay books", but not entirely clear on which glazes to use. In any case, we experimented with on-glaze colours (red and grey in my case) - and I forgot to take photos of what was going into the kiln this week.

However, this is what came out:

They start out about the height of a credit card. The white clay (Draycott) seems to have shrunk rather more than the pink (St Thomas) or the crank. Some have black slip under a clear matte glaze, others have a black glaze ... and I didn't have the camera last week to record which was which. Both seem to work equally well.


Connie Rose said...

Cool ceramic books. I still think you should put spine holes in some and insert a signature or two of paper.

beatrice De said...

Ouah ! Digne des murs de Pers├ępolis ! Beautifull !