10 March 2013

Art I like - Jane Grisewood

A visitor to my degree show told me about Jane Grisewood (wish I'd known about her when writing my essay about "when does writing become drawing" - obviously, not enough research!). Her work is about the line, drawing performance, marking time...
Ghost Lines, 2009
Her "Line Journeys" drawings obviously relate to my "journey lines" - but rather than being made while sitting on public transport, they are made while walking, a piece of paper in one hand and a pencil in the other.
September:30hours30days, 2009 
She began the "Marking Time" project in 1995 - "Some pieces take several months to complete, while others only a few minutes, but they all share the recording of time and movement through a repetitive drawing process."

And she makes books - delicious books -
Find out more about Jane's books here

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