27 March 2013

Wish list

Mittens to knit from hand-dyed wool - dyed with natural dyes, mushrooms in fact - available from riihivilla.com

Is there a book that has lots of images of these gorgeous Mbuti pygmy barkcloth? Until it comes my way, I'm printing out just one image to start from and refer back to (hoping to settle to a handstitching project) -
image from here
When I started this post, this sewing kit was high on my wanted list - since then, it's been the inspiration for my own version(s). Doesn't it look lovely in linen, with the handprinted fabric -
available via valerieknapp.com
Somewhere in my studio, or in a cupboard, or...?..., I have an old darning mushroom - it would be good to find it, various socks need darning -


Sue said...

You need a rich benefactor:

beatrice De said...

Yes, lovely.