01 March 2013

Book du jour - "Flood library"

The "flood flowers" morphed back into a "library" - three separate libraries in fact, using different types of paper.

I like the way that something so simple as water changes the paper and makes the structure of the book into a narrative of its own. These were done in a bit of a hurry for a submission, and there's probably more that can be done with this concept - enormously long "libraries", for example ... or different kinds of paper ... or adding text that seeps off the page ... or standing the pages in ink that wicks up ... adding thread to help the ink wicking up, that idea rather excites me ... but further development will have to wait a while.

Next in line is another of my "reading room" books, for the display of books at the Al-Mutanabbi Street poetry reading next week. After that, my next book event is the Turn The Page book fair in Norwich, 3-4 May. And then an open studio event in June. It's good to have a few things on the horizon - and it's good that the days are getting longer, spring is coming, energy is returning!

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beatrice De said...

As Viviane Fontaine does !