18 March 2013

Art I like - Eleri Mills

Eleri Mills is a Welsh artist who combines painting, drawing and hand embroidery to create mythical landscapes on canvas. She lives and works in the same Welsh speaking, rural community in which she was brought up, returning there after study and a period of work in Manchester. She grew up on a farm, and the beautiful landscapes of the area are the greatest influence on her work. She creates her pieces through a combination of embroidery and applique, layered over a painted canvas.
Her recent work - on show at the Thackeray Gallery (South Kensington) till 22 March - includes paintings alone, and others that use stitch into the paper -
One or two have thin layers of fabric added - those are painted on canvas.
The same view in different weathers - done as diptychs -
See more of her work on the internet.

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magsramsay said...

Thanks for the reminder of her lyrical work. Went to her degree show at Manchester Polytechnic with my mum in the late 70's - we both loved her work.