15 December 2012

A fondness for hares

Barry Flanagan does them best - hares of all sorts -
He was influenced by this book, which combines nature writing with various mythologies -
 How wonderful it would be to come across this scene -
The hare or rabbit is a symbol of fertility, associated with the moon. Hares gazing at the moon are a popular subject in art - judge for yourself here. This netsuke is slightly different -
Looking for wallpaper for one wall, just one wall in a small room - and not necessarily with animals of any sort on it - I was immediately attracted to one with all sorts of rural elements in addition to the hares (... or are they rabbits ... how do you tell? Size, length of ears, black markings on fur, it says here).


indigocarole said...

You probably know about this, but just in case. Lovely work and even lovelier hares.


Margaret Cooter said...

Thanks, Carole - I didn't know about his show at YSP, but recently saw his book in a bookshop.