24 December 2012

Winter rain

...or was it an April shower? Rain painted by Van Gogh. He knew about Japanese woodcuts and would likely have seen this one -
While looking at woodcuts I came across the work of Paul Furneaux -
Rain Window by Paul Furneaux
Years ago I spent a two-day workshop making monoprints of rain, some on paper and some on fabric, mostly with the edge of a credit card, getting different densities and angles. It might be time to revisit "weather" as a theme, especially its emotional effects ... the way the greyness of a rainy day can press in on you. And also, the way that listening to the rain can be soothing.

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JAQUINTA said...

It can be very peaceful going for a walk in the rain as when it rains negative ions are released into the atmosphere which can boost our mood.