06 December 2012

Book du jour - reading rooms

As the deadline for the Al-Mutanabbi Street project books gets ever nearer, progress continues to be inexplicably slow. I'm simply not spending enough hours on this ... am thinking, rather than doing. (Sometimes, though, things have their seasons and reasons - is this one of them?)

Inside the "rooms" will go rubbings of page edges, and a few words. Some experiments with rubbings show that 4B graphite looks better than 9B; that care is needed; that there will be variation from room to room, but not always.
The mouldings round doors, of course, is what is being referenced -
Are they too culturally specific? Does that matter?

Now some words, a few words, are needed. What will they be? I am making a list of the qualities of books and of the qualities, or perhaps properties, of rooms. Of course there are other possibilities, and many choices to be made even from a list. These pages, these rooms, need only a very few words.

Another series of decisions involves the format of the words - handwritten, typed, collaged, rubbed, embossed ... and should all or some or none be in colour?

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