07 December 2012

Wish list

It doesn't do to spend too much time browsing in bookstores. You start wanting to take everything home, and have fantasies of sitting and reading for hours...

The poetry book has little pics (yellow and black; in the style of the cover) scattered thoughout the pages. Grimm's tales - I'm fascinated by the Brothers Grimm and their philological and folkloric work, and the stories are part of my childhood; also Philip Pullman's writing is worth reading - and don't you love the cover?

 Blake's projects since 2000 - I'm hoping for insight into a working life. Read more about it here.

Some detective fiction in translation (not Nordic, and not something I've watched on tv); good old Mark Twain and Saki, a couple of classic authors. Nora Ephron (American journalist, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, producer, director, and blogger) died this year; Tove Jansson is author of the Moomin books (a favourite in my son's childhood) and much else.

Forests and fairytales, the perfect spooky-chilly combination. Nice pix in Mark Hearld's Workbook, but maybe this is one to borrow from the library, if a library copy can be found.

In My View combines artists-as-writers and artists-who've-produced-things-to-write-about. The "Remote Islands" have been on my wishlist before, but "I remember" is a surprise find - first published in 1975.

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