12 December 2012

Art I like - Kim Rugg

"Return to the Skies", 2009; ink and pencil on paper
"I don't use Photoshop" says Canadian artist Kim Rugg. With surgical blades and great care, she dissects and reassembles newspapers, stamps, comic books, cereal boxes, and postage stamps to render them conventionally illegible.

"The front page of the LA Times becomes neatly alphabetized jargon, debunking the illusion of its producers' authority as much as the message itself. Through her reappropriation of medium and meaning, she effectively highlights the innately slanted nature of the distribution of information as well as its messengers," says the catalogue for her 2010 show.
"Ecstasy", 2008
See her on video here - or see her work at Nettie Horn in central London till 2 February.

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