04 December 2012

Bookwraps in progress

These are for tiny books - about 4 inches high. The dots are hand stitch encircled with free machining, added because the base looked so dull - this was the one I started with, before adding snipped, bright fabric.
On the left, the full sized "fabric"; centre, a couple of inches turned up to make a pocket; right, book's cover tucked into pocket and the wrap folded round to make a flap. (The books are made by folding printer paper three times, trimming the edges, folding those pages in half, and sewing them with pamphlet stitch into a cover of the same size cut from card.)

Now the wraps need the edges finishing and a closure adding. And that centre one needs some straightening along the edge, for a start.

I'm working on the bookwraps alongside the Al-Mutanabbi Street Project books - chop and change between the projects - letting one set of ideas slush round in its part of the subconscious for a while. Is it true that "if you keep doing a little of everything, eventually it will all get done"?

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