20 December 2012

Book du jour - teeny tiny map books

 Having made one teeny-tiny map book, I immediately wanted to start mass production.

They are made from one-square-of-the-grid from pages of a road atlas (about 4cm square), and move across southern England - this lot ends up in north London (top of photo) -
It's easy to get confused about what goes with what, and in what orientation and order, so if you want a particular order, and you're doing mass production, it's good to lay it out carefully and clearly, before starting folding -
At some point I got confused about whether the diagonal fold should be a valley fold or mountain fold, so that the desired image ends up being the one that's unfolded. Never mind - in this instance, it wasn't important - something slightly different was still going to look like a book of maps!

Starting to glue it together -
Some configurations you can get with pages glued together in this way -
(The snake book is another way of gluing the pages together; experiment!)

And now the cover - the finished size of the folded pages determines the size of the board, and how much you leave around the edge for turning and gluing is up to you -
I glued a narrow ribbon onto the inside of the front cover before gluing the cover to the book -
Another possibility is to put ribbon under both covers. In the photo above, the pin shows how this little book can be converted into a bauble to hang on the xmas tree when there's just one ribbon - obviously, having two ribbons to tie together at each end would make a more elegant hanging system.

They went to new homes in little silky bags -
(The large "thing" is a jar of home-made parsley and almond pesto.)

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JAQUINTA said...

I like the shapes you have created with the map books....