14 December 2012

Quotes for today

“Art never responds to the wish to make it democratic; it is not for everybody; it is only for those who are willing to undergo the effort needed to understand it.” ― Flannery O'ConnorMystery and Manners: Occasional Prose

It's not easy to find an appropriate image for this - the rules of searching for the image is to use as many of the words in the quote as possible, and see what appears. "Set up arbitrary rules, and then follow them slavishly," ok?

While looking, I found this, which ties in not just with the quote above but with all sorts of other things:

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JAQUINTA said...

Have you thought of folding the paper before you apply the ink, wax and emulsion and when you apply these you can mask/cover the fold so that the substances do not leak into the fold .......just a thought