16 December 2012

Art I like - Stephanie Beck

Stephanie Beck makes layered maps and other sculptures in cut paper. Her work is part of an exhibition in Paris until March 2013.
"Circle", from an installation at Philadelphia International Airport

In this interview she says: "I was in love with the beauty of lines…so when I returned to drawing, I was attracted to [the Asian, Islamic and East Indian] aesthetic. The key to it is that since it has a lot of white space, the placement/ composition of what you’re drawing become all important. And you have to say what you want to say with the minimal number of lines.
"I also returned to thinking about what was important to me, and what I personally was surrounded by at home, and as a woman, I started drawing a lot of lace. And as I started drawing, it started looking like maps and topography to me. This morphed into creating different kinds of “stitches” for the different kinds of topography…forests, marshlands, etc. And then I started creating whole worlds, cutting things out."

See her work on her website, stephaniebeck.org

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