24 December 2012

Wilhemina Barnes-Graham

Usually classified as St Ives school, Wilhemina Barnes-Graham (1912-2004) had Scottish roots. Her "Glacier" paintings were shown at Tate St Ives shortly after her death. She arrived in St Ives in 1940 and her painting career spanned six decades. In the 1960s she inherited a small estate in Scotland; here work thereafter was "neither St Ives nor Scottish, but looks to a tradition of modernism more disciplined, abstract and formal than either".
Her "revival" started when major monograph was published in 2001.
 A small exhibition of her work, from which these photos come, took place at Art First in April 2012.

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magsramsay said...

Her name rung a bell - searching my own old blogs posts I found a reference to her 'Eight lines, Porthmeir' which I admired in a drawing exhibition at Tate Britain in 2008!