27 December 2012

Art I like - Sue Lawty

At last year's Bite Sized Textiles exhibition, Sue Lawty's little lead-thread piece caught my eye. Just now, a close-up of another lead piece, on the Transition & Influence website, caught my eye -
Oh my, the gleam of the smooth metal - the soft metal - a dangerous metal. (No longer found in paint or in fuel; but still in contaminated soil near roadways and in deteriorating old paint ...  if you're typesetting, don't forget to wash your hands.)
Lead Weave (detail); image from here
And the flow of the forms - so easy-looking, a graceful metal ... though she's going with the flow, she is bending the metal to her will. It is an accommodating medium, up to a point.
"Calculus" (image from here)
Her work includes the "stone drawings" - accumulations of pebbles glued to a wall, very time consuming (to find, to sort, to arrange, to affix); definitely time-based work.

Her work "develops ideas of individuality and universality". Of unconventional uses of traditional practices.

Pushing the envelope. Tiptoeing near dangerous ground. In an alluring way. Restraint; balance; tension; rhythm. Simplicity; there's just enough happening...

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